The Start of a Better Motorhome

A New Standard In RV Design and Quality

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1986 - 1st Production Facility

Merv Rumpel started his RV dealership, Glenwood Trailer Sales, in 1968. After 18 years in the RV business, he decided there was room for a high-quality Class B motorhome in the market. In 1986, Merv and his team built the first 10 Pleasure-Ways out of the backshop of the dealership.

1988 - First Shipment

Pleasure-Way’s dealership network started in Saskatchewan and grew to include Alberta and Manitoba in 1987. In 1988, we began shipping all finished motorhomes via flatbed trucks. This is a practise we uphold today, as it ensures the new owner will be the one to break in their motorhome.

1989 - 10 Original Employees

The first 10 employees hired to work at Pleasure-Way. Paul H. (top left), Dave F. (second from top left) and Phil N. (bottom right) are still with the company to this day. They perfectly represent the cornerstone to Pleasure-Way’s success, which is our dedicated and talented team.

1994 - Pleasure-Way #1,000

Pleasure-Way saw steady growth since building the first 10 motorhomes in 1986. In 1987, 77 units were built and a few years later in 1991, 120 were completed. Pleasure-Way #1,000 rolled off the production line later in 1994, seen here with Pleasure-Way President, Merv Rumpel.

Expansion and Innovation

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1999 - First Rally

The Pleasure-Way Travel Club was established in 1999, and to mark the occasion Pleasure-Way held its first ever rally. Over 80 Pleasure-Way owners made the trip to Saskatoon. This marked the beginning of our ever growing Owners’ Groups, which now hold rallies and events all over North America.

2002 - First Ford Models

We introduced our first ever models built on a Ford chassis in 2002. The Excel and the Traverse were built on the Ford E350 and E250 chassis respectively, and offered a fresh take on the Class B motorhome. The Ford Excel quickly became our most popular motorhome.

2004 - First Plateau Model

Powered by the Mercedes-Benz 2.7L Turbo diesel engine, the Plateau marked our first build on the famous Sprinter chassis. The Plateau series built on the Sprinter chassis has become our longest running product line and has now expanded to feature five models.

2006 - 20th Anniversary

2006 marked the 20th anniversary of Pleasure-Way Industries. In 2006, we had expanded our product offering to include nine floorplans across four chassis. This included the Plateau on the Dodge Sprinter, the Lexor on the Chevy Express, and the Excel and Traverse on the Ford Econoline.

Moving Forward

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2009 - Pleasure-Way #10,000

In 2009, Pleasure-Way #10,000 rolled off the production line. Merv Rumpel and now Pleasure-Way CEO, Dean Rumpel, marked the occasion at the main production facility in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. A Plateau TS was the lucky #10,000.

2015 - Introduction of Plateau XL

The Plateau XL widebody was introduced in 2015, marking the first model we built on the Sprinter cab chassis. This original iteration of the Plateau XL featured our innovate Murphy-Bed arrangement. We now offer three floorplans under the Plateau XL model name.

2016 - 30th Anniversary

2016 marked the 30th anniversary of Pleasure-Way Industries. A notable addition to our 2016 model lineup was the introduction of our Eco-Ion Earth Smart lithium coach batteries. Pleasure-Way was the first Class B manufacturer to offer dual 100Ah lithium batteries as a standard feature.

2018 - Pleasure-Way #15,000

On December 14, 2018, Pleasure-Way #15,000 rolled off the production line. To celebrate the occasion, the entire Pleasure-Way production staff gathered at our main production facility to take a group photo with #15,000. We look forward to celebrating our next big company milestone!

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